That’s Queen Bitch To You!

So, I’ve been at this blogging gig for a few months now, and Twitter for even less time. I have to say that for the most part it has been really fun. A few times a week I drop my little guy off at preschool, put my Starbucks ordering phobia to the test and, fueled by caffeine and anxiety, do my best to express myself.

I will be the first to admit that I don’t really know what the hell I’m doing. I love to write. I love to connect with people. And, yeah, I really love to make saucy jokes. And I’m the first to admit that I am naive about plenty of things. But Twitter? Whoa, it’s a whole new world. (And Aladdin is not there singing I can show you the world / Shining, shimmering, splendid.)

After basking in the Hallmarkish glow of Facebook love and friendship for several years, I was unprepared for what I’d find on Twitter. It sort of feels like going from a small liberal arts college in Wisconsin to being dropped in the middle of New York City. So far I’ve discovered an amazing contingent of knock-your-socks off bloggers who write with humor, pathos and honesty. I’ve connected with several unbelievably funny comics. There are a lot of people joking about dicks, tits and (to be polite) vaginas. And then, there are the Self Proclaimed Bitches.

Now, I must admit that I’m guilty of using the word bitch pretty loosely. One of my best friends and I lovingly call each other “biatchita” and “beeyotch.” And I’ll jokingly say to a friend, “Bitch, what are you talkin’ ’bout?” But I try to save my bitchiness for times of extreme hormonal duress or when cut off in traffic.

Of all the people I’ve encountered on Twitter (and I know I’m only scratching the surface), the Self Proclaimed Bitches have been the biggest surprise. I understand sarcasm and snarkiness and even bitchy joking around, but I don’t get the women who are on Twitter who define themselves as bitches. I mean, I know there are bitches immemorial in history. Hell, even Downton Abbey has its bitches. But in the context of social media, what purpose does acting like a bitch serve?

A couple of weeks ago I made a faux pas on Twitter. Being new to this whole thing, I stepped in my own shit. As I have been described lovingly by my exasperated husband as an experiential learner, I’m sure I will step in my own steaming pile again in the future. I’m cool with that. The way I learned I had misstepped? Via a tweet. Not just a tweet, but an unkind tweet. Which was then starred by another person. Both women, both bloggers I’d been in a Triberr tribe with.

When I saw this tweet I first felt like an ass for screwing up. No one tells you the rules about what is okay and what is not okay to tweet about regarding your blog, so I felt kind of idiotic. I was also glad to know that I’d made a mistake so I could delete the tweet. Then I thought This is weird, why wouldn’t she just send me a direct message and talk privately to me about my tweet? And, Why did she assume I had bad intentions?

Truth be told, I felt like I’d been publicly scolded. And then I felt ganged up on. It stung. And (most annoying to me), my feelings were hurt because I’d mistakenly thought tribe members were supposed to be supportive. (As it turned out, the guys were wonderfully supportive.) It felt like I was in high school again. Yuck.

After this incident I realized that I have a lot to learn about blogging, tweeting, and the way women behave on Twitter. There is a huge group of women who are incredibly supportive. They want to help, they are kind, they share ideas and tips. But there are also quite a few women who actually describe themselves as bitches on their profile page. I now know that some of these women take their description literally and are using this title as a free pass to be mean or demeaning to other people on Twitter.

What I’m trying to figure out is why? What does acting like a bitch achieve for these women? Does it make them feel powerful? Is it a way to provide themselves protection or is it self-defensiveness? Is it meant to be a joke? Is it a self-esteem thing? I can’t help but wonder what feminists make of this subculture of bitches.

Many of the quotes I’ve read about feminism (and I haven’t done much reading about feminism in years, so I know I have a lot of research to do) have to do with women in relation to men. But what about how women treat other women?

While I appreciate ballsy women, and there is a part of me that can see how powerful a woman might feel by publicly shaking her finger at another woman, I have to ask: What do we have as women if we don’t support each other? (And if we want to be powerful, what message does it send to men that we are willing to throw each other under the bus?) What do we gain by being a bitch?

Addendum: A few people asked what I tweeted that got a negative response. What I did was tweet a link to my blog post about the tattoo incident with a comment that said I don’t understand why women turn on each other (see comments). The person who reprimanded me said that I was shamelessly driving traffic to my blog and throwing fuel on the fire. I think she said that as a woman that tweet disgusted her. When I tweeted that out I didn’t consider it a ploy to get more readers or page views. I thought I was updating my friends on the blog. In any case I considered her point and deleted the tweet.

64 thoughts on “That’s Queen Bitch To You!

  1. Interesting post. First, I am saddened that this happened to you. My cheeks were burning for you as I have made some screw ups as of late. In fact this morning I asked someone to delete the comment I left on her blog as I was a little tipsy when I wrote it and this morning it sounded stupid. ha ha!

    As for the bitchy thing, I don’t get it. When I started following people I found a few of those and followed. It wasn’t long before I unfollowed them as I really don’t need more bitch in my life. I have enough with the real life bitches I am trying to avoid. I try also not to be a bitch to my husband- so why would I want to follow more? Silly.

    You know we love you.

    • I love you, Farrah! I had to giggle a tiny bit about your tipsy blogging. I’ve done that, too. And my tweets definitely get racier after I’ve had a drink. I’ve had to unfollow some people, too (men & women who were just bitchy or scuzzy). I’m glad we’re friends XO

  2. Oh Kvetch mom, I’m right there with ya! I like to joke too, like a bit of acid in my humor. But the bitch thing can get blown out of proportion.
    I’m a Twitter newbie. I barely tweet, follow like 10 celebrities and have only 4 followers of my own. I just can’t get the hang of it.
    I hate those reality shows where the woman has her by-line in the beginning and says something like, “if you think I’m a bitch, then I probably am, and I’m okay with it.” Shows like Real Housewives and the Bachelor always have girls on there that proclaim their bitchyness like a badge. And it’s not funny, ballsy or admirable. It’s just, well, bitchy.
    It’s okay to be nice.

    • I love that, Frugalista: It’s okay to be nice. That should be on a t-shirt. It’s so true. I can introduce you to really nice women on Twitter who are loving and supportive. They are out there. XO

  3. I just tols someone that I have had my shining moments, we are in this together, don’t try to out do anything I do, walk with me, and don’t be jealous, it’s an ugly emotion. I hear you loud and clear on your post! Also, girls today (teens) are out right mean, I see what my own kids tweet, it drives me crazy(er). Keep up your great work, and don’t let the real bitches bring you down.

    • Thanks for writing, Beth! You are right, we are in this together. When I think of girls being bitchy and mean to each other it just deflates me. I’m glad that at least bullying and bitchiness has come into the media spotlight. Now let’s just hope this next generation will go easier on each other.

  4. It’s so funny because there have been a few twitter profiles I have read where the women describes herself as a bitch and my first inclination is to hit follow since I think a women who writes that is probably funny and will make me laugh. Also, I’m one of three girls, bitchiness is an art form in my family! But, I have resisted following such women because I fear that their definition may not be the same as mine. Some women do seem to enjoy picking on others, I think they are the same girls who were not very nice in high school and just never grew up!! At 46 I can’t be bothered.Thanks for a great piece! If you ever want to join some really great bloggers and gals, come over to I have found it such a great place to learn about blogging, build my site and meet some really wonderful and supportive friends. There are no fees to join and I don’t get anything by referring you. Hope to see you around there. Thanks again!

    • Kathy, Funny, that was my first instinct with the women who described themselves as bitches. I thought, oh here’s a funny person who can laugh at herself. I didn’t think those people would be quite as intense as they are. And hey, you know, there’s freedom of speech–they can say & do whatever they want on their own blog and on their own twitter page. Just leave me alone :) (unless it’s constructive, private criticism which is totally fine by me). I’m going to check out Sounds interesting!

  5. I like to think there are certain boundaries. I know, you’re thinking, ME? BOUNDARIES?
    Well, considering some of the other stuff I read on Twitter, hell yeah, I do.
    I don’t know about the scolding, flogging or anything like that, mainly because I don’t give a shit. Not even one iota of shit. I’m clueless… on purpose.
    I already did high school once and fucking hated it – I ain’t going back there for no one.

    I’ll stick with you somewhere in between snarky and vagina.

    • Lady E, HA HA! You do it just right. I’ve never seen you act mean spirited at all. That tells me that you do have boundaries. Talking about vajayjays and dicks and being snarky is a far cry from being bitchy.

      I think I’m going to work on purposeful cluelessness. Good idea! XO

  6. There is a huge difference between being a strong woman and using power to make yourself appear strong. For women who usually placate “being a bitch” can mean asserting herself when she never did before. The women you describe use their bitch power to hurt; to be generous some are ignorant of the damage they do, and might just be educationally intentioned. But, many people get triggered and don’t know how to communicate appropriately. As a psychotherapist, I am constantly helping people craft how to discuss difficult subjects in a kind enough way they maintain the relationship. However…a few people just don’t care how much they hurt others, or they enjoy it. The challenge is knowing which bitch is clueless and well meaning (but undiplomatic), and which is a psychpath.

    • Hi Linda, Exactly. I appreciate assertive women and try to be assertive myself, but I think it’s more powerful to be kind and assertive than mean and assertive. I think a lot of people hide behind or use their online persona to act with more bravado than actually have in person. Taking on the role of bitch also seems like a distancing mechanism, or a way to hold people at a distance so you don’t get hurt first. It’s pretty fascinating. Thanks very much for taking the time to comment. I appreciate it.

      • I’m still traveling down the comments, but this is exactly how I feel, so I’m breaking my rule and making a comment before I reach the end of the thread. Mean does not equal power, it generally signals insecurity! I am so waiting for the day when the backlash/reaction to feminism settles down and we all realize the real power of womanhood is found in supporting each other; not in showing each other up.
        I also have a “Panic in the Starbucks” feeling in the pit of my stomach wondering what our misstep on Twitter or in the world of blogging will be. -Ellen

        • Hi Ellen, Thanks so much for visiting my blog! I agree completely about the backlash of feminism. Sometimes, at least in the way women behave toward each other, it seems that feminism has gone too far. Can’t we reach higher levels of success if we help each other? I think so. I see it with my friends.

          There are a lot of really fantastic and supportive writers & bloggers on Twitter. Look for the helpful people. I generally steer clear of anyone who describes herself as a bitch in her description. But that’s me :)

  7. I liked Frugalistic’s words at the very end of her comment, which was “it’s okay to be nice.” In an effort to get noticed and be funny or charming or whatever we’ve lost some of our kindness and grace. And that’s what should have been offered to you. So you made a mistake. So what? You’re right – it would have been easy for people to email you rather than shame you publicly. I don’t know what happened, but I’m sorry that it happened. This social media stuff is tricky and there are so many fine lines everywhere!
    Alright, so I don’t know you well but I believe you’ve got a good heart.:) Remember that. And don’t let anyone make you feel ‘less than’.

    • Hi Heidi, Thank you! I try my best to have a good heart, but like anyone I screw up and am open to constructive criticism. And, I know that when I feel judged or feel like someone assumed that I was acting with bad intentions I really take it to heart (need to work on having thicker skin!). And, just like they did to me, I assumed that their comment was intended to be mean spirited because I read as being overly harsh (who knows, if it had been spoken to me would it have felt that way?). There is a lot of room for misinterpretation on the internet. I think we do need to be more careful about the way we address people because there is no tone of voice or smiling face to give other social cues. And yeah, it IS okay to be nice! :)

  8. Oh my. I’m kind of glad now that I’ve been somewhat absent on Twitter because I missed this episode entirely.

    I’m sorry you experienced the ugly side of human behavior and I too am baffled that someone wouldn’t discuss it with you privately, but instead chose to publicly air her feelings.

    I am (truly) incapable of intentionally hurting someone. Even people I don’t like. I always try to empathize and put myself in the other person’s shoes.

    So lesson learned here, I guess. And maybe skin thickened? Although for the life of me, I don’t know what these fellow tweeters taught you, exactly.

    Except to be afraid to make mistakes.

    • Hi Julie,

      Exactly. Skin has been thickened. Or thick has been skinned. Either way, it was (sort of) an interesting experience. I’m learning who the good peeps are to follow on Twitter. Learning the hard way has always been my style. Superfuntimes.

      Your inability to intentionally hurt someone is evident and one of the things I love most about you. That’s why you’ve got so many friends and devoted followers on Twitter and in life. XO

  9. I do not know anything at all about Twitter. I’m really curious what you did, wrote, tweeted (Do you tweet an twitter?)? I haven’t read the comments yet, so maybe you explained that already.
    I want you to know that at dinner last night I was telling my husband about “my blogs” – my grandmother watched “her stories,” I read “my blogs.” My husband has actually come to enjoy this part of our dinner conversation. Anyway, I told him about your blog (which I just started reading a few weeks ago), specifically the coffee post, and how I WISH I could write like you! Every single line, perfection. Perhaps, the twitter bitches were envious?

    • Hi there, I added an addendum to the bottom of the blog post so you can get a better idea of what happened. That is so sweet of you to share “your blogs” with your husband over dinner, and I appreciate your kind words about my writing. I’ve been slowly filling my husband in on all this blog, twitter stuff. He’s already overwhelmed by Facebook, so I need to break him in slowly. ;-)

  10. Your tweet seems fine to me!
    Who are these bitches!? I’ve met some in my early tweeting days but stopped talking to them and now only associate with supportive bloggers.
    Like you.
    Ignore that tweeter.
    That person is wrong, your tweet was fine and they are on glue.
    That’s not bitchy.
    That’s true.
    I can say that.
    Cause I’m a veteran.
    Snark is cute

  11. Wow…that is just crazy and mean! I too am new to all of this and there seem to be many, many unwritten rules about twitter and blogging too for that matter. I really think it was a misinterpretation on her part b/c I remember reading that and thinking nothing of it. And what is so difficult about sending you a DM?

    • Robbie, I think there is some High Horse Riding that goes on with some women on Twitter. Sad, but true. It was a good lesson in: Unfollow the bitches!

      I’m hoping someone will write the unwritten rules. I’ve seen some, but not all. XO

  12. Umm, yeah. That tweet that spanked you in public was wrong. And who gives a bitchy cracker if you’re trying to drive traffic to your blog? Isn’t that what you want? In fact, had I seen it, I may have favorited her tweet as a “Fuck yeah!” to driving traffic to your blog. (See how I’m acting all tough and nasty to try to get labeled as a bitchy blogger?) In fact, I wish I could spank you in public for deleting your tweet. Who do you think you are to acquiesce (spelled it correctly on the first try!) to some tweeter who is just jealous that you 1) Got hit on in a most heinous manner and 2) Got tons of traffic and support from a bunch of people and 3) Had the wherewithal to call read comments and wonder why women turn on each other. Who is this tweet-spanker? I want to start analyzing all of her tweets. I feel the hankerin’ for a spankerin’!*

    * I just want to point out to anyone who doesn’t know me that this is how I get when I’ve had way too much coffee and I’ve taken drugs for a raging headache. I apologize for my foul language, but I will not ask the Kween Kvetcher to delete my comment if I later regret it. You may all pile on with derision and dismay at will.

  13. I am so sorry you had this happen. I don’t understand the bitchiness either. I noticed that right after I started on twitter and I now distance myself from certain ones because of that. I can’t be intentionally mean to people, even ones I don’t like. It’s just not me.

  14. Girl, it really sucks sometimes.
    When I was new at blogging, I made some kind of {now forgotten} faux pas myself and was belittled by several other women bloggers. I sent apology e-mails and never heard back from any of them.
    Unfortunately, when you get a group of women together…
    Next time, call them out on it~ publicly. I’ll retweet you.
    {Speaking of. I can’t find your Twitter handle anywhere. @MomToSprouts}

  15. First? that tweet you sent out? Not worth even a DM. There was nothing wrong with it. You were talking about your blog…which is what twitter is FOR. Duh.

    Secondly, I have not encountered these bitches and I have been doing this for some time. I have no idea why, unless they can just tell that I will slap a hoe if she is rude to me. Or just block and unfollow. whatever.

    Dude. you will find many things out in this weird wonderful world we have here. People can be bitches and assholes, yes. And you can find out they have been insincere the entire time you thought you were building a true friendship. I find that worse than a bitch. Because that is way personal.

    I wish I could tell you how to spot a bitch or an insincere jerk from far away, but I can’t. I still don’t know how.

    But I WILL tell you this. I ain’t no bitch.

    • Yay! Then we’ll stay great friends, lady, because non-bitchy friendships is one of the most important things to me. Thanks for visiting Ye Little Blog. Big love to you!

  16. I am not Tweeter…..I’m not twittered enough to even begin to know how to Tweet. In my uneducated twitterlessness, I thought the whole idea of a blog is to direct traffic to your site, so…. duhhh to the “Mean Girl” isn’t tweeting a means to that end?? Color me tweetily confused!!

    What I do know is this……I started laughing as I read this blog and then felt bad as I read a little more about how rude someone could be for something so innocent. You are a very good story teller, you have a very quick, comical way of looking at life. I think you’re hilarious….keep up the good writing and use any means you can to let people know you’re here!!!

  17. First: What the hell was wrong with your tweet? If you’re anything like me, half the reason you’re even ON twitter is to drive people to your blog. (The other half is because it’s great fun.) Her response was like saying, “How dare you come to McDonalds and expect to be asked if you want fries! As an employee, I was offended!”

    Second: Perhaps she found it offensive because she’s exactly the sort of woman to turn on other women? (Which she proved.)

    Third: Haters gonna hate. Ignore her and let her stew in her own bitchiness.

    • Jo, You are right–if I wasn’t on Twitter I’d have about 5 readers, three of them being family members. I think she is probably just a bully & was trying to intimidate me.

      And yeah, Twitter is a lot of fun if you avoid the jerks & hang with cool people like you! XO

  18. OK.

    And yeah.

    I know.

    I’m sorry to tell you, but I think all of us have had this happen.

    I used to have someone…since has unfollowed me, who would correct my tweets, my spelling, disagree with my posts, poke fun at me, blah blah blah, hint that I was stealing tweets from others, all in public.

    A DM for that, no?

    You would think, DM, right?

    Not in her case.

    She got kicks out of doing it in public.

    It’s their problem.

    Stick to the nicies.

    I wrote a post about the twitter beyotches.

    STAY AWAY: as the world famous tweet credo says” “Twitter: the source of all your insecurity or all your confidence, you decide.”

    Yes, you decide: decide who you follow, very carefully.

    I love you, I’m nice. I’m here. Tweet me.

    • Alexandra, I love you! What a sweet, sweet message. I will tweet you! And, lady, I’d like to have a word with the person who was giving you such a hard time. What an asshat. I hope they regularly step in dog doo. And get speeding tickets. Thank you for being there, and for writing your wonderful blog. XO

  19. I’ve found that some women use the anonymity of the Internet to make themselves feel powerful with the claim of being a bitch, when in reality they are just being a bully and using their self-proclaimed tag as an excuse to be ugly.
    I remember how shocked I was when I first saw this behavior, that some women could be this way, but they are far outnumbered by nicer people, thank goodness!
    And there is not a damned thing wrong with tweeting about your blog!

    • Jo, Yes! Exactly that. Bullying under the guise of bitchiness. Though the people I experienced don’t do Twitter anonymously, I wonder how tough they really are in person? It is creepy how many people post salacious things on the internet and do it under a made up account. Gross. I’m learning a lot through this experience. Thanks for being one of the good people! :)

  20. Ah yes. As a huge twidiot, I can tell you that you DIDN’T EVEN MAKE A MISTAKE. The only thing I can imagine was that your comment hit a little too close to home for people who tear other women down for sport. Eff them.

    Why in the world would we even need to worry about men keeping us down? We handle that on our own with infighting so ridiculous it makes my boobs hurt. Why worry about equal pay when I can put all of my energy into disussing why she’s wearing flats with that skirt and giving her kid a Toaster Strudel?

    • Oh, your poor aching boobs. I know what you mean. I really wish women were kinder to each other. Maybe we should all just carry a steaming hot pocket for moments when we need to put another woman in her place?

  21. Sounds like someone bitchy is jealous of your blogging. I surround myself with positive people and avoid the ones I’m tempted to slice-and-dice with my tongue. I can be bitchy, but it’s not how I define myself. Some women need to stop being little girls and grow up already. Tweet ANYTHING you want in my stream. I think you are “Twitter gold” and a blogging goddess. ooxx

  22. #1 It’s your blog and your twitter… it’s your prerogative to use it how you wish. If you want to use twitter as a resource to drive new readers to your blog, then so be it. I know many bloggers (veterans included) who tweet out links their own posts. You just don’t want it to be the only thing you ever tweet out.

    #2 I don’t get the bitch thing either. It’s silly. It’s one thing to have an opinion, it’s quite another to personally attack someone. My first thought when I stumble across an individual like that is “Wow… they must have no balls in real life if they feel the need to use the blogosphere/twitterland as a platform to take out their aggression”. It’s so much easier to have balls of steal when you’re hiding behind a computer or an avatar.

    Laura from Catharsis wrote a fantastic post about the ridiculousness of these so called unwritten “bloggy rules”. You should read it.

    I noticed right away when I started blogging that this new world (albeit on the internet) could be just as clicky and catty as the real world. Although, on the other side of that coin (just like in the real world) you can really find a wonderful support system and circle of friends. Early on, I just chose to do my thing and not get wrapped up in the child’s play; and to do my best at focusing my time and attention on the individuals I’m making an awesome connection with.

    I don’t have time for drama in real life; I sure as hell don’t have time for it on the internet.

  23. Hi Jennifer, I stumbled across you accidentally (we search out the term “Triberr” which let me to you) haha and I am REALLY glad I did find you.

    First of all, I am having a very difficult time understanding what exactly was wrong with that tweet. I don’t get it. It was an opinion and I always thought that was what blog posts and twitter were for? Our own personal thoughts, opinions and of course to share our interesting blog posts. So for what it’s worth, I don’t get it and don’t see what the fuss was actually about.

    Second, I’ve been there. I have an equally difficult time understanding why these self proclaimed bitches act that way. I mean, snarky? funny. Bitchy humor? funny. Being a bitch? Not so much. WTH?
    Why would one want to go around creating problems that don’t exist for the “fun of it”. Unless of course, there is some kind of thrill in being mean to others, which btw… is bullying in my book no matter the age or level. I’m a mom of 5 teens and bullying is not tolerated in ANY way, and that goes equally for when it happens to one of them. Why did this particular individual feel as if it was their place to even say something? I don’t understand that.

    As someone else previously mentioned, there is a rather large difference between being a strong, independent woman who protects herself when need be, and being a downright bitch. The latter being the one I cannot for the life of me comprehend. That’s just ridiculous.

    Anyway, my point (and the reason I left a comment) is because I sincerely hope that this does not bitter you towards either twitter, or especially Triberr. I’m a moderator on Triberr and have been with them for a long time now, and I cannot stand the thought of knowing that someone came into our community and was treated badly. Sounds as if we need to get you in a tribe of supportive women, because they do exist! Even the funny ones!
    I’m so sorry your experience was bad and that it wasn’t what we strive to make Triberr, a community of supportive bloggers who help one another, not who trash talk one another. Totally unacceptable. At any rate, I like you. I read several of your blogs, and I am very glad that this morning was one of my Triberr searches. ;) I plan to be back. A lot.
    Ignore the bitches, they’re either jealous or something is seriously lacking in their own lives.

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  25. Hey! I just wanted to let you know I linked to this post today. I wrote a post just now on grace after a few conversations, tweets, and blogs I came across this week, including yours. Thank you for your honesty here and your great, great humor.

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  27. OK, I realize this wasn’t the main point of this post, but can I just tell you this: In the Twitter world I live in (mostly political people and journalists), please are constantly tweeting links to their own stories and working to drive traffic to their Web sites. Our bosses have basically instructed us to use Twitter this way. So I really don’t see what the big deal is even if this was your goal, which I realize it wasn’t. If some random person doesn’t like it she can unfollow you. I mean, it’s not like you were calling her at home during dinner time and saying, “Read my blog!” Besides, your blog is awesome and you should be driving traffic to it. That’s all. xxoo

  28. Don’t ever delete a tweet like that again! Only if you inadvertently say something insensitive or have a major typo should you feel the need to delete a tweet.

    What that person said to you was lame. She was projecting. You didn’t do anything wrong.


    • Thanks, Jennifer. Now that I know who my friends are on Twitter I’ll definitely be asking you all about such things. At the time I was just freaked out and thought I’d done something wrong. Oy!

  29. Seriously, the best part is the addendum. You were using Twitter pretty much the way bloggers are supposed to. I mean, you should also use it to actively engage with your audience and blah blah blah, but a key goal is to drive traffic. I disagree with the idea that you need to retweet each link to your content at least three times, but there you go. There are people debating how many times it is okay to relink each individual post of your own. So linking once extra to specifically discuss comment etiquette on a post is a non-issue. It sounds like the gal who called you out was just being mean because she can, or maybe was having a bad day and you were there.

    PS – I came across you recently (like yesterday!) because someone retweeted a post of yours! Or was it a follow friday? I don’t really remember. But I like the cut of your jib, man, so you are all up in my RSS reader now. Cheers!

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