Ah, Nature!

Let’s be honest. I’m not the kind of person who looks forward to days my kids have off of school. In fact I circle them in red on the calendar and spend a good amount of advance time in a panic. Like sands through the hourglass so were the days of her sanity slipping down the murky toilet…

To compound my anxiety are those parents. You know them. The ones who post pictures on Facebook of their glorious days making new papier-mache bird houses and baking flax-seed cookies? Yep. That’s so not me. I’m more of a come sit on my lap and I’ll read you stories for hours while waiting for a more responsible party to relieve me of my duties.

Well, today my usual routine wasn’t going to fly. The kids were raring to get out of the house and I could not longer contain them.

So, two peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, a bag of crackers and some grapes later we were headed for Portland’s Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden.

The sun was peeking out and the kids were loving being out in nature. We saw ducks, geese, nutria, red winged black birds, scrub jays and a nut hatch. And, of course, amazing rhododendrons of every color.

It really was the perfect day to visit chaos upon the senior bird watching crowd. I think they particularly enjoyed the dulcet tones of my daughter yelling, “LOOK AT THAT DUCK SEXING THE OTHER DUCKS!” Ah, nature. Thank you for your bounty.

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38 thoughts on “Ah, Nature!

  1. Haha! Tears running down my face! God, I know how you feel! I used the phrase ” playing leapfrog” as long as I could! Damn kids are so savvy now! I needed that laugh. *sigh*

    • Nelly, I’m sure I am one of those parents on Facebook from time to time myself, but I’m pretty sure you can see my dirty floors in the background of every picture I take at home! My crafts would never be Pinterest worthy ;0

  2. What a wonderful day and even more wonderful is that you captured it here! Papier-mache bird houses got nothing on waterfowl in their natural habitat. Real mommies got out, get their hands dirty with real dirt, and dig down to the real stuff. Glad you had a great time! Enjoyed seeing these images and media.

  3. Am out and can’t see the video piece, but gotta say I am in awe simply because three children are dressed and exploring…. Photo 2643 is gorgeous and should be saved and printed. I read every post. You go girl.

  4. Such cute pictures! I love that you also admit to feeling like you can’t compare to the other moms on facebook etc. I feel like that every stinkin weekend when I see that “The Dunbars” have carted their new baby around to three restaurants, the zoo, park and hiking trail and all I’ve done is take Scarlett to Grammie’s house. BOOOOOO.

    You did good!! Bravo!

    • Sheri, One activity a weekend is all I can muster on my own without becoming very grouchy. I admire my friends who can pack it all in and make it look good on Facebook, but I just can’t do it! Fuck “The Dunbars!” :)

  5. look at you getting ‘em out and about! It made me tired to look at. Oh wait, I took both my boys around the block today. And then I almost passed out from exhaustion.

    How do other moms DO it?

    • Katie, The fact that you got both boys around the block? HUGE props. I don’t think I left the house for the first 3 months after my oldest was born and at least 2 months after my middle guy! I’m impressed. xo

  6. It’s really hard to say who I love best in your family: Ruby, Theo or you. I know I’m giving the otehr two short shrift , but the three of you have a special thing going on. Ok, I pick. Ruby.

    • Pamela, She’s a good pick. Though if you met Lucas in person your heart would melt. He’s such a sweetheart. Ruby & I are piss & vinegar. Theo, well, I love that kid. You know I love you, too!

  7. No matter how hard I try I never get the first comment on Kvetch Mom. This is my new commenting goal. (Next time tweet me just before you publish because I’m not above insider trading.)

    Seriously though, hilarious post. I haven’t had to deal with that… yet.

    Also, that place looks gorgeous.

      • On the recommendation of a blog friend, I tried Triberr out and it just wasn’t for me. I kept forgetting to log in and only you and Twinfamy and a couple others were sharing my posts out of about 100 that were supposed to. Anyway, sorry I left but now I’ll share your posts the old fashioned way.

        I love being outdoors and exploring nature so I’m sure I’d love Portland. I’ve heard a lot of good about it. My aunt went to college there to get her Masters of Nursing. I’m not sure why she chose there because she’s from Saskatchewan but she did and loved it.

  8. And THAT is what I am paying the high tuition for preschool == art projects. I don’t do that stuff. Heck, I don’t even KEEP that stuff.

    You are not alone in your horror of “student-free days.” We stand with you.

  9. Look at the brilliance we made from popsicle sticks and juice cartons and oil cans! They are the worst. I have a friend, who I love dearly, who often runs late because she is busy working on a craft all afternoon and they lost track of time – oh my! Or they were busy not watching TV and baking the cutest cupcakes you’ve ever seen. It’s awful. And when she asks about my afternoon, I’m all oh, I can’t remember…it was a blur.
    Anyway, love this! Thanks for keeping it realz.:)

  10. Well you sure as shit couldn’t call yourself Kvetch mom if you liked having days off school! Oh – sorry – gotto run, my flax seed cookies are almost out of the oven and my papier mache birdhouses need to be detailed! (-:
    As always I LOVED your post!!

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