Blogger’s Dance…Respect!


So, I tend to swing from the completely ridiculous (Superhero, The Tampon Warrior) to the fairly depressive here at Kvetch Mom. Writing about the cancer stuff is making me angsty, so I decided to blow off some steam with my blogging girlfriends in a Blogger’s Dance .

Thank you to my brilliant soul sisters for the inspiration (and big hairy balls): HouseTalkN (rocking the Ellen Degeneres), Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms (pole dancing, who knew?!) and The Bearded Iris (best Sprinkler I’ve ever seen).

Herewith you will find that I need Botox and a haircut and probably fresher dance moves. Features a guest appearance by T Funky Fresh H to the E O. Music by my favorite artist in the world, the great Aretha Franklin.

I dedicate this dance to my beloved Geri Broder Murray.

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37 thoughts on “Blogger’s Dance…Respect!

  1. I’m not sure there are ANY fresher moves than the finger point.
    (At least that’s what I tell myself.)

    p.s. I love your hair and want it bad. So skip the botox and new cut and instead, pan down so we can see the boobs. What.

  2. Yeah, LOOOOOVE how Erin chimes in that WE had a blast. But anyway, you are awesome. Love how your guest star got the rock star (KISS) tongue going at times. Adorable! But girl, are you sitting down?? I was swinging from a pole for the love of all that is good. ;) Ellen

  3. That. Is. Awesome! You have my R.E.S.P.E.C.T! Your hair is great, you should head bang – if it doesn’t put your neck out :-)
    I also wanna Blogger Dance now – I don’t think I’ve ever switched this webcam on before….

  4. What did the baby say? Is it time for eggs, yet? Too cute! I loved his smiles and giggles throughout the whole thing. Bravo.

    You are so pretty!

    • I have to listen again to hear what Theo was saying. Probably “whatchoodoin?” his constant question. Or “wherewegoin?” And thank you! *blushes

    • Isn’t Aretha the very, very best? I love her music. Notice you didn’t see the back of my head? That’s because it looks like a heroin addict’s nest. :) Love you!

  5. So awesome that you did this! You are absolutely beautiful and yay for happy, dancing toddlers! You didn’t think you’d actually get 3 minutes to yourself to record this, did you? Haha! Great video!

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