Three Wishes

You have three wishes.


Not so easy, huh?

Please join me as I make 3 Wishes at Meg O’Keefe’s wonderful Pressure Cooker blog.

Three wishes. One for the past (something I wish I could go back and change or go back and re-live). One for the present (something I wish for or am working on in my life right now). One for the future (something I aspire to, hope for or wish to do in the future).

It wouldn’t be fair to wish for a potato chips and ice cream orgy with no consequences, right?

Take note of the special summer drink recipe. That one is for you, SP.

8 thoughts on “Three Wishes

  1. I tried to post this on the other site, but it was taking more than a few minutes and I’ve vowed not to spend so much time looking at my computer screen so . . .

    I loved your wish for today (and ultimately, that’s all we have, right?). Somehow that makes accomplishing what one wishes for less elusive.

    • The captcha is problematic! Thanks for coming back here to comment. “You must do the thing you think you can not do” is what I’m striving to achieve every day.

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