Things That Make Me Go Hmm….

Today I’m linking up with one of my favorite blogs The Good Life. She is the curator of a fun writing exercise called Monday Listicles and an absolutely incredible photographer. You should definitely take some time to look at her photos. But, I warn you, you will have a hard time tearing yourself away from all that good living!

Here’s my stab at Things That Make Me Go Hmm:

1. Why is it so hard to find a really quality bagel outside of New York?
2.  Clowns. We all hate them, and yet they still show up at parties.
3.  The magnetic attraction between the dog’s water bowl and any toddler in a five-mile radius.
4. Why people call a bookstore and say, “I’m looking for a book.”
5. The missing puzzle piece and the missing sock. I think they’re in bed together.
6.  Why so many of us are depressed even though many of us have so much? Is all the stuff making us depressed?
7. Why I can’t function in a kitchen without paper towels even if there’s a dish rag nearby?
8. Birthday parties that cost as much as a Bar Mitzvah. Bar Mitzvahs that cost as much as a wedding.
9. Why you must have a license to drive a car or a motorcycle or boat, yet there is no training/licensure for parenthood.
10. Why food tastes so much better when you’re sitting in a restaurant.

What makes you go hmm?

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38 thoughts on “Things That Make Me Go Hmm….

  1. …or people that call the radio station and say they are looking for a song, you know the one that goes mmmmhhhhmmm.
    And I agree with you – Stasha is an awesome photographer and I love her pictures!

  2. ” The magnetic attraction between the dog’s water bowl and any toddler in a five-mile radius.”

    Hahaha. We’ve had a slew of different kids over lately and instead of the myriad toy options available, they all head straight for that fur-filled bowl. Then I need to find a paper towel to clean it up, even though there are dish rags right there.

  3. Is today your first time linking up with Monday Listicles? I love clicking on them from Twitter. Your list is so compact and clean, I love it. Why do people spell the author’s name when calling the bookstore? Like we don’t spend eight hours restocking the Anais Nin. I think I got it, lady.

    • Erica,

      I think you’re going to be seeing a lot of compact posts now that the kids are home from school. Sigh. Anyhow, my favorite bookstore callers are the ones who are in their car and all you can hear is WHOOOOSHI’DLIKEABOOKWOOOSH.

    • Erin, Good point. For me sometimes it’s both. At times my mind tells me that prosperity should equal happiness. But, it doesn’t necessarily, especially when your brain chemistry is whacked out. So, will you make me dinner? :)

    • Susanna, For sure! I hate doing the dishes. We have an agreement about that in our house. Whomever cooks gets to hit the couch after dinner, no dishes. Why do we perpetuate clowns? Why?!

  4. Food always tastes better to me when I’m not the one who has to cook it. Ditto on the clowns. Hate the clowns, thanks to Stephen King’s It. And I swear if I have to clean up the dog water one more dang time I’m going to rub Zoey’s nose in the mess. Oh yes. I will.

  5. 1. It’s the water, right?
    2. Clowns, ahhhhh! At our local Dairy Queen, The Crazy Pop-Pop Clown (I shit you not), is there every Monday. Sometimes we forget. With full agreement from the kids, we have turned around and left the parking lot.
    7. Erin lives without paper towels!! I know right! I cannot function in her kitchen. I end up searching for kleenex or toilet paper to use. :) Ellen

  6. Ah, the water dish! As soon as I get one kid to finally be bored with it, we have another kid! Poor dog has been dehydrated since 2007. I’m constantly putting it in the laundry room then forgetting to set it back out.

  7. Most of my son’s photos between 6 months and a year featured us catching him in a dog bowl. I love your list. I am with you 100%. Also thank you for the sweetest shout out. I am still blushing a bit. Or maybe the heat is on? Nope.Blushing…

  8. Dish rags aren’t as gross as sponges. At least you can rinse out a dishrag. And as someone said, above, anything tastes better if you didn’t cook it and don’t have to clean up after it (with or without a paper towel). The book shop request reminds me of my waitressing days, when customers would say to me “let me have the…” I always wondered about that. Did they think I was going to say NO YOU CANNOT HAVE THAT IT’S FATTENING? What was it about the “let me…” I mean, dude, you’re going to pay me & I hope tip me, so I’ma gonna let you have whatever the hell you want. Sheesh.

  9. Food is so much better in a restaurant or when I’m at a friend’s. Or, I guess, when it’s cooked by anyone other than me.
    The clowns! I don’t get the clowns either.
    Not to get all heavy here, but I’m still shocked by racism, especially when it’s coming from someone I know.
    On a side note: You are one of my favorite people out here in this crazy blogging universe.

  10. I lived in Queens for a year after I got married, and even though the Philly born and bred girl didn’t like it, I have to admit….BEST BAGELS ON EARTH!! There is actually a fairly decent bagel store in my little south Jersey town, but I did like having a bagel store on every corner when we were in NYC!!! And you are right, food tastes incredibly better in restaurants!!! Lisa

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