Strange Matter

“Strange matter turns anything it touches into this kind of slimy, grimy, goopy stuff,” declared Ruby after watching Ten Ways to Destroy The Earth for the fourth time with her all things universe obsessed brother.

“What’s your favorite way to destroy the universe?” asked Lucas as images of vaporizing heat and black holes spaghettifying the earth passed across the television screen.

“I never thought I’d say this, Lucas, but do you want to be friends?” asked Ruby with raised eyebrows.

Lucas’ jaw dropped in amazement and a huge smile spread across his freckled face.

“And by the way,” she went on, “my favorite is number two: destruction by strange matter because how cool would it be if the earth turned into a goo ball?!”

Lucas extended a pizza sauced hand toward Ruby and said, “At long last the sibling break up has broken up! WOO!”

Ruby shook Lucas’ hand in a businesslike manner as the moment was broken by the crash of Theo’s plate hitting the kitchen floor.

Ruby jumped down from her bar stool, grabbed the remote control and said, “Do you want to watch Dark Future for the Sun now?”

“Let’s compromise and alternate one episode of earth destruction with one episode of My Little Pony, okay?” declared Lucas.

Agreement brokered, the siblings plopped onto the couch as our sun unleashed its final fury in a giant fireball.

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23 thoughts on “Strange Matter

  1. Cool!
    I love the business like talk and deal. Let’s see how long until someone cancels the contract (I know it never takes long with my kids…)
    Also, I really have to work on Marius to sing that My Little Pony song for you ;)

  2. How much do I adore that they brokered their friendship after the question of which option is best for destroying the earth?

    My favorite favorite favorite moments as a parent have come from watching my children appreciate each other.

    It’s how I survive knowing that one day this earth really will turn into goo.

  3. I have no idea what either of them is talking about. They are like scientists and I’m a crumb flying off Theo’s dropped plate. I love it how your kids are all smart-like without being obnoxious about it. Must be the momma.

  4. Um, yeah, I LOVE this!
    ‘Spaghettifyng’ and ‘destruction by strange matter’…is so, so cool. I want to squeeze your kids.
    Hope you’re well, J. :) xo

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