About Kvetch Mom

Kvetch Mom is a writer living in Portland, OR with her hubby, three kids, and angry cat

She is frequently inappropriate, laughs at poo humor, and vacillates between hiding in the laundry room and hiding in the garage. Most of the time she is either reading books, writing, hanging with the h-band or raising these people up to be good’uns:


31 thoughts on “About Kvetch Mom

  1. JENNIFER: You are a very fine Blogger for TWO reasons…
    (a) you are an accomplished wordsmith; and (b) your precious
    Mimi left you with the best sort of giving spirt to observe, emulate , and love during all your earlier life.

    DON’T EVER stop writing !!!!



  2. Jen,
    I love your blog. You have me laughing all the time. Also keeps me sane to know I’m not the only crazy mom out there. You are an amazing writer. Love to you.
    Tiffany Page Levy

  3. We are currently living in Amsterdam, and your post made me miss Target soooo much. Even with the all too familiar drama! Then to read you are also from Portland, almost brought a tear to my eye. Thanks for making me laugh today.

  4. We’ve actually nicknamed a store here “Target-lite”, but it’s more like a VERY small Kmart….with no Starbucks! :)

  5. Loving your blog! I too have a son on the spectrum …. and I am raising him with a sense of humor, because he’ll need it. Thanks for your honestly and the laughs. I have a blog too… if you have time to read while hiding in the laundry room.

  6. Just read 2 of your blogs.(found you through Hoagie’s Gifted Education Page on FB.
    I don’t normally actually LOL at things people say, but I almost woke up my daughter just now laughing….Holy shit you are funny. Signed up for the emails, can’t wait to read ‘em.

  7. Loved your letter to your mama. Sobbed. Love your good ‘uns and hope I get to sing with you again someday! Don’t know where you are going in this world but I will follow ya sister! I will follow!

  8. Hi Jen,
    I follow you on Twitter, and after reading your blog, I just found out you live somewhere here in Portland. I just moved to Portland with family (three kids and husband) from California (my husband grew up here in Portland, and had to drag me here ;). I love your Tweets and your humorous honesty. The world would be a better place if more people could express themselves like you.

  9. Jennifer – you are simply fabulous. I found you via a Tumblr post about what happened to you and read many more of your posts because you are utterly and completely interesting. As a fellow cancer survivor and tattoo-getter, I tell you with all the love in my heart to GIVE ‘EM HELL. Big love from Seattle. – Nikki

    • Nikki,

      Thank you so much! So happy you are a cancer survivor!! (Not happy you had it, but happy you are on the other side of it.) Thank you so much for reaching out :)

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