Blogger’s Dance…Respect!


So, I tend to swing from the completely ridiculous (Superhero, The Tampon Warrior) to the fairly depressive here at Kvetch Mom. Writing about the cancer stuff is making me angsty, so I decided to blow off some steam with my blogging girlfriends in a Blogger’s Dance .

Thank you to my brilliant soul sisters for the inspiration (and big hairy balls): HouseTalkN (rocking the Ellen Degeneres), Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms (pole dancing, who knew?!) and The Bearded Iris (best Sprinkler I’ve ever seen).

Herewith you will find that I need Botox and a haircut and probably fresher dance moves. Features a guest appearance by T Funky Fresh H to the E O. Music by my favorite artist in the world, the great Aretha Franklin.

I dedicate this dance to my beloved Geri Broder Murray.