Not So Great Toys

The next toy I’m offering up for consideration is The Melissa & Doug Shape Sorting Cube.

I am a big fan of most Melissa & Doug. Their puzzles are great and they have many excellent toys. This particular shape sorter, however, sucks the big one.

The main problem with this shape sorter is the lid. It doesn’t stay on. So if your smart little toddler is able to figure out where a shape goes and turns the cube, the lid and all contents inside fall off/out.

The other problem is that this toy is intended for kids starting at age 2, but it is much too challenging for a kid that young (of course there are always genius outliers of any age, so this may not apply to your particular child). Some of the shapes are very similar which can be confusing and unduly frustrating.

7 thoughts on “Not So Great Toys

  1. Hi Cheryl, Thanks for weighing in. I’m so glad your son is enjoying it!

    The Perplexus got plenty of excellent reviews (which was one of the reasons I ended up buying it) so it definitely has appeal. I can see how it would be a good car toy, especially (unless your kid tends to get carsick).

    I think for a patient kid who has good hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills it would be very entertaining. For how long? Keep me posted!

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